Kenston PTO


To be a member, simply download, print the form and send to each school in an envelope marked (School Name) PTO Membership.

  • Timmons PTO Membership Form
  • Kenston Intermediate Membership Form
  • Kenston Middle School Membership Form
  • Kenston High School Membership Form

PTO Board

Kenston PTO Council

  • President – Kristin Jacobs
  • Vice President – Nicole Thompson
  • Secretary – Kim Phillips
  • Treasurer – Lisa Millard

Building PTO Board Members

  • Timmons Elementary
  • Kenston Intermediate School
  • Kenston Middle School
  • Kenston High School

Kenston PTO By-Laws

Kenston Parent Teacher Organization BY-LAWS
Presented by PTO Council

Kenston PTO is comprised of PTO Council and all building PTOs in the Kenston Local School District including, but not limited to, Kenston High School, Kenston Middle School, Kenston Intermediate School and Timmons Elementary School.

The Kenston PTO By-Laws are to be used by all building PTOs in the Kenston Local School District.

Kenston_PTO By-Laws